Tour to Peterhof (28.07.2016, 09.15 – 12.30)


The tour is organized by Comintour Travel Company specially for the EACS-2016

About Peterhof:

The spectacular parkland at Peterhof is remarkable for the sheer variety of styles encompassed in its layout and features. Representing nearly two centuries of European aristocratic fashion executed to the highest standards, Peterhof is like an encyclopedia of park design through the age of empire. Particularly impressive is the fact that the master landscapers and garden designers who worked on the estate at Peterhof managed to overcome the extremely inclement conditions of the northern climate to create a wonderland of greenery and flowers, sweeping vistas and ornate architectural decorations.

The fountains of Peterhof are one of Russia’s most famous tourist attractions, drawing millions of visitors every year. Fountains were intrinsic to Peter the Great’s original plans for Peterhof – it was the impossibility of engineering sufficiently powerful jets of water that prompted him to move his attentions from the Strelna site to Peterhof – and subsequent generations competed with their predecessors to add grander and ever more ingenious water features to the parkland surrounding the Grand Palace.


  • 09.15 – Meeting your guide at a pier in the center of the city (Pier at in front of the Hermitage Museum (Dvortsovaya emb., 38))
  • 09.30 – Hydrofoil to Peterhof
  • 10.00 – Guided Park Excursion (in English)
  • 12.00 – Hydrofoil to St. Petersburg
  • 12.30 – Arrival to the city


The tour is 2600 rubles per person. The tour is to be prepaid by Paypal to the account of Comintour Company by August 15, 2016.

To book the tour to Peterhof one needs to:

  1. Write a request to email address quoting your full name, Paypal account (email used for the registration of that) and the number of people that you bring with you on the tour. The requests accepted till 15 August 2016.
  2. Within 24 hours to you Paypal account will be sent an invoice that you need to pay not later than 15 August 2016.
  3. Upon completing your payment, the confirmation and the voucher will be sent to your email.
  4. You will be meeting your guide at the pier at 9.15 AM. Please have your voucher with you and all the people that travel with you and are included in the voucher.