Conference fees

The organizers and the EACS board agreed on the following conference fees:

Mode of payment Members of the EACS Student members of the EACS Non members of the EACS Banquet
(March 15 –  June 1, 2016)
60 euros 30 euros 120 euros 40 euros
At the desk 100 euros 60 euros 150 euros 60 euros

*All payments will be collected in Russian rubles
** Visa support will be provided to registered participants only


Payment of the Conference Fee

1. The period for online payment is April 1 – June 1, 2016.

2. All payments are to be collected in Russian rubles. The exchange rate, set by St. Petersburg University for the conference, is 1 Euro = 80 Rubles. The fees (online and cash) will be collected at this rate regardless of daily fluctuations on the currency market, which means that the sum in euros could be slightly lower or higher than expected. Please, also note that the bank will automatically add a 2,9 % surcharge to each transaction.

Since for online payment you should fill in the amount in rubles, please, refer to the following table:

Members* 4800 rubles 3200 rubles 8000 rubles
Student members* 2400 rubles 3200 rubles 5600 rubles
Non members 9600 rubles 3200 rubles 12800 rubles

*Only members, who paid the EACS membership fee for 2016, are eligible for paying the conference fee at member’s rate. You may check your membership status at the EACS database at
**Those, who plan to attend the banquet, are recommended to pay the banquet fee together with conference fee. Since the banquet will be preordered, the organizers can not guarantee an opportunity to attend the banquet, if paying at the desk during the conference.

3. The online payment system accepts Mastercard and Visa cards. It makes no difference, what is the original currency of the card. The currency exchange is done automatically by the involved banks.

4. To access online payment module, please, proceed to Registration.

5. Please, note that the conference fee is non refundable.

6. If your fee is paid by someone else, please, send us an email to, indicating the payer’s name, amount and date of payment.